It all started with a man who had a chair. The most comfortable chair in the world. Close your eyes and imagine it: The coziest chair ever devised.

Now open your eyes, because whatever it is you're picturing is wrong. This chair was worn and plaid and a bit ratty around the edges and dotted with a non-zero amount of pet hair. In otherwords, Heaven.

But even in his comfy kingdom, he was plagued by the same universal truth that binds us all: One cannot recline and drink from a mug at the same time.


But not this day. For he had had a dream, of a world where mugs worked just as well lying down as they did sitting up. He would create the first mug to defy gravity.

He purchased some clay from a local crafts shop and after many failed attempts, he molded a solution. Functionally, it was everything he hoped it could be. The coffee stayed put as the mug tipped, then poured gently from spout to lips effortlessly. Aesthetically, well, it needed help.


And that might have been the end of it. But one day he found himself at an art fair (unusual, as the man was not an art fair kind of guy; he was a sitting around the house kind of guy) where he saw a magnificent creamer.

On a hunch, he bought it, tried it out as a mug, and immediately commissioned the artist to recreate that glorious creamer, this time in mug form. After over 100 prototypes, the rest was history. And more beautiful than he ever imagined it could be.

In fact, it was so special, so perfect, that no one was able to mass-produce it for less than the price of a small luxury yacht. Whoops.


But you can’t keep a truly ingenious dream from coming true, and five years later, it did.

That man found a factory with the skill and expertise to custom slip-cast these gorgeously streamlined spill-proof mugs in luscious, creamy porcelain. At a price that is more in reach than the mug at the side of your couch.


Now that man can snuggle into his cushions as low as he likes – and even lie down in his bed – with nothing stopping him from drinking his favorite brew. He may never sit upright again.

I know, because I am that man. The dream is real. And it is a thing of glory.